When we go online

When we go online we are welcomed to a beautiful room
where the chairs are just right and the decoration suits our best friends.

We can exist as if an object, with square sides and adorned as we see fit.

When going to a party you can see the people around you, listen to their conversations
and mannerisms before deciding to take the plunge and chat or just listen.

Online things are different, we inhabit our box and can take time about our discourse
ensuring that our prose conveys the correct connotations to reinforce or add detail to our box.

We can go to places where only ‘suitable’ people inhabit. Reinforcing out belief in our perfect environment.

Even as we mere humans live in our imperfect shells, which get older and stop working so well,
we are able to continually adorn our box, perhaps ignoring the reality of our mortality.

Beware the tricks of the web.

I have been compelled to write this after a friend is going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of the web
and appears to be talking in ways which seem to have no connection to reality whatsoever.

The web can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can make you believe that what is not real is real and vica versa.
I believe many of your know this and those that don’t will certainly not learn anything from this poem. But those that know, know the truth.

If you are not leaving your house and mixing with local people, make an effort to do so because being plugged into the ‘perfect reality’ machine
will do you no favours.

The net’ is a ‘perfectable’ environment in a reality which is anything but so.


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