You are simply brilliant.
We all are.
Everything in existence bears the hallmarks of infinity.

The grinding repetition of life can all too easily trick us into selfish deeds, obsessions of the flesh and self.

Men lost on a boat at sea battered by the storm. Their lantern swings from side to side fighting for life.

With confusion and half truths uttered by the experts and reiterated by the masses, sometimes the only way out is escape. Whatever form this may take.

Sometimes I forget how special I am. How special we all are. Sometimes my ego gets the better of me.

In a cave deep below the earth I discovered a pool of iridescent green. Small steps lead down to a smooth area where one can comfortably sit between the rocks. The water is cool and refreshing. I slip down until only my head breaks the surface.  No sound can be heard save the odd drip from the roof and there I close my eyes.

Read aloud: https://youtu.be/TxL3huwB4Vc

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