The Fortress

Our ancient antenna is played by pan’s pipes;
we are given a choice of how we should live.

We can chose to believe we are supreme
and that others are not.

We can build a fortress of our egos
and let nothing bridge our walls.

If building a colossus to yourself
is your idea of life then you will be disappointed.

From your walls you can spit and jeer
but one day your armaments will fail.

I guess it depends how far you have gone,
to what degree you have moved away from the source.

Build no walls, seek only love and
leave yourself open (within reason) to those weaker.

Try to plant seeds where you travel
that will allow love to spread.

When the day arrives you will meet it with arms wide open and only
love in your heart.

Those that have hurt you and perhaps many others
will fall, scrambling to find anything solid to save them.

Perhaps they will be saved, perhaps not.


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