The Final Speech

Many cannot eat.
Many cannot learn.
Many cannot find shelter.
Many cannot drink clean water.

We have the power to change all of this.
Many people love money or success or simply stability,
they work their entire lives for it.
There is nothing wrong with that.

The system that we live in is awesome.
It provides incredible benefits to many
and incredible disadvantages to many,
all based on the pursuit of profit.

Those that are able to create more profit,
those that lead the best life,
those unable to create profit usually the worst

This needs to change.

Monetary reward works for some and thus must continue,
community reward works for others and thus must be improved.

To know that one could eat, sleep, drink and learn in safety.
We should surely all work for that.

A group comes together with a shared concern, 
Those in business help and enjoy mutual benefits.
The private remains private. The public benefits throughout.

Who would not want this?


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