Ones and zeros

When computers talk, digital signals are sent via various means.
When humans talk analogue signals are sent via various means.

When humans kiss the ones they love we can attempt to make sense of the bodies response using empirical measures.
When we attempt to explain to one who has never kissed how it would feel to have this experience, they will will never truly understand until they experience it themselves.

Sure they will know the numbers and responsive areas but to actually understand how something feels it must be directly experienced.
Indeed it is more likely that the explainee will have their own experience of reading the data which will be made up of totally unique factors.

Life has the capacity to change in every facet of itself, to offer innovation and growth in ways that will never cease to amaze us.
Once something loses life it also loses the ability to create. Nothing dead ever created anything new.

Many of you who read this will be saying yes! Exactly! There are others though who seem to delude themselves that our salvation comes from that very death, from the ones and zeros.

We move forward together, we evolve together and die together.
No digital universe could ever evolve as ours does or create anything new without the help of its own creators.

We are here to learn and overcome our difficulties as best we can. Perhaps perfection was never meant to be attained in this reality other than love itself.

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