Maybe it’s time for a change

A person will look at the world around them and attempt to work out the best way to live for what they want to achieve.
Every person may or may not achieve what they want to achieve.

Whether we achieve what we want to, or what we feel like we deserve is really neither here nor there.
That many people in our modern world never have the opportunity to achieve their potential is often part of life’s mystery.

Some people are never able to even contemplate achieving their ambitions as they are not given the most basic of necessities.

That many people are not given the opportunity to benefit from even basic provisions is unforgivable,
Food, water, education, safety.

Maybe it’s time that some of us started to put other things first,
that we stopped looking at provision as being a favourable side effect of capitalism and instead focused on that being the ultimate aim.

Once someone has the ability to achieve, they can find their own way.
I believe that we together have the power to give all people the basic necessities essential for a fair start to life.


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