Love as a guide

The books and actions of men guided my way to begin with.
My soul would shout at me but I would not listen.
The words of the learned caused me to turn away.

One day I stopped following their path and listened for love instead.

To hear love’s whisper you must first quiet all else.

It is a strange thing to let love guide your way. Immovable lines and angles part before your very soul.

I was shown love by a great man but I did not realise. I first had to understand and then seek it for myself.

Love pushes me to areas unknown. To places where my mind tells me not to go. Where onlookers shout and jear.
What does that matter though when at the end I can look in the mirror and love myself and all things.

We live in a cruel world. We need to work together to let love be heard by everyone.

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