false prophets and the words of man

concepts and thought forms can be compelling, words can convey complex ideas
these words can be used to uplift or control

our brains can chatter constantly
we can be planted in front of a programming machine which allows us to disassociate and take on progamming

we can read books of ideas

any word that has been written has been done so by a man or woman who had to first consider how to write it
this adds subjectivity

the message in my opinion is far simpler than this though often we have to go around the houses to find that
we wanted to be at home all of the time anyway.

Sometimes we have to be wounded to see the way I guess?

so is it for me or us? how could it be for me?

every step of the way we cooperate, upon each others shoulders we build the structure that enables life as it is
the more we nurture the environment and those within it the better we all will be

we can bring love into this world, we have that power, the power to change and uplift
yet if we follow subjectivity, or I or ME we lose this love.

I have defined love in other poems so I shall not here.

If we open ourselves to love unreservedly and embrace that objectivity we can be assured
Let not your reality become stale in a fog of subjectivity

06 2019

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