Fall back into love.

There is a fine line in the psyche between the love of the vision of oneself and how self obsession can twist this eternal truth to be something quite different.

I am a spirit in a physical body which is that of a male human and I must be true to the biological implications of that reality. We are all subject to that reality.
Understanding how our biology may affect us is a key part of growing to maturity in whatever form your spirit may find itself IMO.

I know when I look in a mirror that I am viewing my body and not my true spirit. My spirit does not age as I grow old and can be damaged in and off itself.
No matter what life throws at me, I know it is an impermanent suffering, an idea which is a key part of buddhist teachings.

Love is a constant in my life and all other things are subject to change. Considering emotional and environmental fluctuations, it is my anchor and raft at all times and is not subject to change.

When we formulate our ideas of self we create rings, like that those of a tree.
These rings can become our obsession as we spiral deeper and deeper into ourselves.

Be free of thought and mind, dont be weighed down by preconceptions of yourself and your limitations.
Fall back into love.

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