When i met the most beautiful women in the world

When i met the most beautiful women in the world,
i did not realise.

In foreign lands our paths crossed with absinthe
and the night sky was painted neon.

As lights and churches and parks whisked by
i felt her head on my shoulder.

I did not notice it then but 
something was forged at that moment

Much time has passed since 
and she still sits by my side.

I know her in my heart,
the most beautiful woman in the world.

The nine-month old Javelin Champion

My son is but nine months old, 
but his ability to propel objects at high velocity, is scary at times if it were told.

There he stands but two feet away,
with his winning smile and the sofa to hold his sway

A battered Postman Pat van gripped in his mit,
he gums poor Pats car whilst pausing to survey it.

Suddenly his arm moves faster than light, 
and with a grimace the car is launched out of sight.

It was found the next day atop a shelf
6ft off the floor, a stretch for myself.

But as that little boy sits eyeing up his next target, 
I imagine Olympic javelin gold if he has his aspirations met.


Maybe it’s time for a change

A person will look at the world around them and attempt to work out the best way to live for what they want to achieve.
Every person may or may not achieve what they want to achieve.

Whether we achieve what we want to, or what we feel like we deserve is really neither here nor there.
That many people in our modern world never have the opportunity to achieve their potential is often part of life’s mystery.

Some people are never able to even contemplate achieving their ambitions as they are not given the most basic of necessities.

That many people are not given the opportunity to benefit from even basic provisions is unforgivable,
Food, water, education, safety.

Maybe it’s time that some of us started to put other things first,
that we stopped looking at provision as being a favourable side effect of capitalism and instead focused on that being the ultimate aim.

Once someone has the ability to achieve, they can find their own way.
I believe that we together have the power to give all people the basic necessities essential for a fair start to life.


We were told many things.

When we were young we were told many things
like who won the fights and the power of the gun.

Which things are bad to think
and which things are good.

The clothes that we are handed give us identity and
we are grouped with others that share our tastes.

Of course we can change our clothes but then we would be altered,
a different person in a sea of similarity.

More and more are taking off their clothes,
standing next to each other arm in arm.

Black, white, male, female, jewish, muslim, christian… human.

The key to our success lies in this truth.
Every person is unique yet we share our humanity.