The riddle

If we must consume to survive happiness must not be dictated by longevity.
We are not here to be happy.

Well happiness is great but some are happy about the misdeads of others.
Love is not built on schadenfreude.

Real love is a mystery to the selfish, to the narcissists.
So hard to find, yet of unyielding power we must give ourselves over.

If we are waves and allow love to control our actions,
worry shall never block our way until we return back whence we came.

The Fortress

Our ancient antenna is played by pan’s pipes;
we are given a choice of how we should live.

We can chose to believe we are supreme
and that others are not.

We can build a fortress of our egos
and let nothing bridge our walls.

If building a colossus to yourself
is your idea of life then you will be disappointed.

From your walls you can spit and jeer
but one day your armaments will fail.

I guess it depends how far you have gone,
to what degree you have moved away from the source.

Build no walls, seek only love and
leave yourself open (within reason) to those weaker.

Try to plant seeds where you travel
that will allow love to spread.

When the day arrives you will meet it with arms wide open and only
love in your heart.

Those that have hurt you and perhaps many others
will fall, scrambling to find anything solid to save them.

Perhaps they will be saved, perhaps not.


Love as a guide

The books and actions of men guided my way to begin with.
My soul would shout at me but I would not listen.
The words of the learned caused me to turn away.

One day I stopped following their path and listened for love instead.

To hear love’s whisper you must first quiet all else.

It is a strange thing to let love guide your way. Immovable lines and angles part before your very soul.

I was shown love by a great man but I did not realise. I first had to understand and then seek it for myself.

Love pushes me to areas unknown. To places where my mind tells me not to go. Where onlookers shout and jear.
What does that matter though when at the end I can look in the mirror and love myself and all things.

We live in a cruel world. We need to work together to let love be heard by everyone.


You are simply brilliant.
We all are.
Everything in existence bears the hallmarks of infinity.

The grinding repetition of life can all too easily trick us into selfish deeds, obsessions of the flesh and self.

Men lost on a boat at sea battered by the storm. Their lantern swings from side to side fighting for life.

With confusion and half truths uttered by the experts and reiterated by the masses, sometimes the only way out is escape. Whatever form this may take.

Sometimes I forget how special I am. How special we all are. Sometimes my ego gets the better of me.

In a cave deep below the earth I discovered a pool of iridescent green. Small steps lead down to a smooth area where one can comfortably sit between the rocks. The water is cool and refreshing. I slip down until only my head breaks the surface.  No sound can be heard save the odd drip from the roof and there I close my eyes.

Read aloud:

On One Knee

I will explain to you one second,
The mantra by which I live my life.

Be it right or wrong.

For me love only became recognisable when I started listening for it.
For as much as it slays all beasts it can be lost when not cared for in the right way.

Love does not cater for my petty emotions or trivialities.

Indeed the ego in my experience can render love all but lost.

So I start by bending one knee to the ground. All that exists below and above treated respectfully without the ego playing any part.

I am but a life force dedicated to love. 


The Violin

When the bow meets the violin, a sound of such beauty can emanate that a tear is brought to the eye or bliss can be imagined in its purest form.
If the musician does not understand the instrument the sound will not be deliberate and may produce a horrifying shriek.

It is practice and respect that brings this understanding, knowing when and where to press and move to produce this heavenly sound.
Those that rush or treat the process with contempt will soon fall foul and their ineptitude will be clear for all to see.

That then is like life.

We can sit and concentrate within ourselves but what of other people? Should we not try to help them to make this sound for themselves?

The Castle Of The Mind

At birth, I crawled across the grass, felt the wind in my hair and was open to all things.
As I grew, I realised what I liked and what I didn’t, realised what would hurt me and how to feel good.

Each time my thoughts evolved I created a building block which was carefully placed atop of those previously created.
By the time I was finished I sat in the highest tower of my glittering castle, untouched by nature, change or danger.

Outside, the world went on, morphing and surging before my very eyes.
I realised that I had built a castle to protect me from life’s troubles but had also removed myself from innovation and the experience of life itself.

How it could be

The soul emerges from the dark of the night.
Born free and without the works of sight.

Together we blossom in the hallways of bliss.
Set aside from the whiles of solitude with this.

While others plunder and rage,
torn asunder by the demands of the cage.

A wise priest once said that the family truly is heaven on earth,
or at least should be for the the little ones at birth.

Some say the earth cannot be changed,
yet there where life is so simple we prove that it can.


The Final Speech

Many cannot eat.
Many cannot learn.
Many cannot find shelter.
Many cannot drink clean water.

We have the power to change all of this.
Many people love money or success or simply stability,
they work their entire lives for it.
There is nothing wrong with that.

The system that we live in is awesome.
It provides incredible benefits to many
and incredible disadvantages to many,
all based on the pursuit of profit.

Those that are able to create more profit,
those that lead the best life,
those unable to create profit usually the worst

This needs to change.

Monetary reward works for some and thus must continue,
community reward works for others and thus must be improved.

To know that one could eat, sleep, drink and learn in safety.
We should surely all work for that.

A group comes together with a shared concern, 
Those in business help and enjoy mutual benefits.
The private remains private. The public benefits throughout.

Who would not want this?


The centering.

People go on and on about how we should think,
Choosing what they believe is right to tell others about.

We are each of us our own vessel and deserve to be respected in that way.
Everyone’s life is unique so their approach may be too.

When awake, we can be centered at a point, aware of all input and our own being.
We can know how this input affects us.

It is easy to let the chattering mind take over or make us say things that we would not want.
The more we are anchored, knowing our place in the universe, the stronger we are and aware of people’s ultimate aims.

Personally, I use love as an anchor
It has taught me compassion and peace.

I am still tested, yes and sometimes let myself down
but I forgive myself and move on having made reparations if necessary.