The riddle

If we must consume to survive happiness must not be dictated by longevity. We are not here to be happy. Well happiness is great but some are happy about the misdeads of others. Love is not built on schadenfreude. Real love is a mystery to the selfish, to the narcissists. So hard to find, yet […]

The Fortress

Our ancient antenna is played by pan’s pipes;we are given a choice of how we should live. We can chose to believe we are supremeand that others are not. We can build a fortress of our egosand let nothing bridge our walls. If building a colossus to yourselfis your idea of life then you will […]

The Violin

When the bow meets the violin, a sound of such beauty can emanate that a tear is brought to the eye or bliss can be imagined in its purest form.If the musician does not understand the instrument the sound will not be deliberate and may produce a horrifying shriek. It is practice and respect that […]

How it could be

The soul emerges from the dark of the night.Born free and without the works of sight. Together we blossom in the hallways of bliss.Set aside from the whiles of solitude with this. While others plunder and rage,torn asunder by the demands of the cage. A wise priest once said that the family truly is heaven […]

The Final Speech

Many cannot eat.Many cannot learn.Many cannot find shelter.Many cannot drink clean water. We have the power to change all of this.Many people love money or success or simply stability,they work their entire lives for it.There is nothing wrong with that. The system that we live in is awesome.It provides incredible benefits to manyand incredible disadvantages […]