The Nook

Young boys chase through the forest, coloured scarves streaming in the airshouts and screams aboundbut one lad sits away from the restin a nook of a tree he closes his eyes and feels everything around him. The rivulets of understanding flow through him and he feels at homethat feeling would stay with him the rest […]


Pine trees blowing from side to side.A storm of miraculous colour brews overhead. Spokes of cool iridescent lightning cascade through the airilluminating the gloom but leaving the leaves unburnt The shimmering lady stood as one with nature.Her hair shone with all the colours of the aurora. To some she would be called a hermit, a […]

Ones and zeros

When computers talk, digital signals are sent via various means. When humans talk analogue signals are sent via various means. When humans kiss the ones they love we can attempt to make sense of the bodies response using empirical measures. When we attempt to explain to one who has never kissed how it would feel […]