Hello world!

My name is Matt. I try to make sense of life, its beauty and how we sometimes get this all wrong but usually not at the same time.

The following poems express a general idea. They don’t generally rhyme and they are blunt a bit like this introduction 🙂

I have added dates to poems where I have them and are in no order. Previously stored on G+ and poetry.com.

false prophets and the words of man

concepts and thought forms can be compelling, words can convey complex ideas
these words can be used to uplift or control

our brains can chatter constantly
we can be planted in front of a programming machine which allows us to disassociate and take on progamming

we can read books of ideas

any word that has been written has been done so by a man or woman who had to first consider how to write it
this adds subjectivity

the message in my opinion is far simpler than this though often we have to go around the houses to find that
we wanted to be at home all of the time anyway.

Sometimes we have to be wounded to see the way I guess?

so is it for me or us? how could it be for me?

every step of the way we cooperate, upon each others shoulders we build the structure that enables life as it is
the more we nurture the environment and those within it the better we all will be

we can bring love into this world, we have that power, the power to change and uplift
yet if we follow subjectivity, or I or ME we lose this love.

I have defined love in other poems so I shall not here.

If we open ourselves to love unreservedly and embrace that objectivity we can be assured
Let not your reality become stale in a fog of subjectivity

06 2019

Fall back into love.

There is a fine line in the psyche between the love of the vision of oneself and how self obsession can twist this eternal truth to be something quite different.

I am a spirit in a physical body which is that of a male human and I must be true to the biological implications of that reality. We are all subject to that reality.
Understanding how our biology may affect us is a key part of growing to maturity in whatever form your spirit may find itself IMO.

I know when I look in a mirror that I am viewing my body and not my true spirit. My spirit does not age as I grow old and can be damaged in and off itself.
No matter what life throws at me, I know it is an impermanent suffering, an idea which is a key part of buddhist teachings.

Love is a constant in my life and all other things are subject to change. Considering emotional and environmental fluctuations, it is my anchor and raft at all times and is not subject to change.

When we formulate our ideas of self we create rings, like that those of a tree.
These rings can become our obsession as we spiral deeper and deeper into ourselves.

Be free of thought and mind, dont be weighed down by preconceptions of yourself and your limitations.
Fall back into love.

When we go online

When we go online we are welcomed to a beautiful room
where the chairs are just right and the decoration suits our best friends.

We can exist as if an object, with square sides and adorned as we see fit.

When going to a party you can see the people around you, listen to their conversations
and mannerisms before deciding to take the plunge and chat or just listen.

Online things are different, we inhabit our box and can take time about our discourse
ensuring that our prose conveys the correct connotations to reinforce or add detail to our box.

We can go to places where only ‘suitable’ people inhabit. Reinforcing out belief in our perfect environment.

Even as we mere humans live in our imperfect shells, which get older and stop working so well,
we are able to continually adorn our box, perhaps ignoring the reality of our mortality.

Beware the tricks of the web.

I have been compelled to write this after a friend is going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of the web
and appears to be talking in ways which seem to have no connection to reality whatsoever.

The web can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can make you believe that what is not real is real and vica versa.
I believe many of your know this and those that don’t will certainly not learn anything from this poem. But those that know, know the truth.

If you are not leaving your house and mixing with local people, make an effort to do so because being plugged into the ‘perfect reality’ machine
will do you no favours.

The net’ is a ‘perfectable’ environment in a reality which is anything but so.


The Nook

Young boys chase through the forest, coloured scarves streaming in the air
shouts and screams abound
but one lad sits away from the rest
in a nook of a tree
he closes his eyes and feels everything around him.

The rivulets of understanding flow through him and he feels at home
that feeling would stay with him the rest of his life
even when times were hard and nature seemed distant
with a little effort he could remember how he felt.

A feeling of calm, of interconnectedness, of strength.

All children should have this chance. To run free and be given the time and trust to do so.
It may be more important than we know.

Child’s Lullaby

Now I want you to imagine
All of the lambs
And all of the sheep
Lying down in their beds and closing their eyes
and as they do they take two deep breaths

they breath in (inhale slowly making it audible)
they breath out (exhale slowly making it audible)
repeat x1

Then they fall into a deep deep sleep
and they sleep the whole night through
and because they have love in their hearts they have nothing to be scared of
and when they wake in the morning they are ready for a new adventure.


Pine trees blowing from side to side.
A storm of miraculous colour brews overhead.

Spokes of cool iridescent lightning cascade through the air
illuminating the gloom but leaving the leaves unburnt

The shimmering lady stood as one with nature.
Her hair shone with all the colours of the aurora.

To some she would be called a hermit, a recluse or nutter
but she had learnt to live with nature, just as she had learnt to live away from society.

Love was her guide now and all her worldly problems had melted.

Sometimes people would visit but most wouldn’t see it.
For those that could it was an experience they would never forget.

Ones and zeros

When computers talk, digital signals are sent via various means.
When humans talk analogue signals are sent via various means.

When humans kiss the ones they love we can attempt to make sense of the bodies response using empirical measures.
When we attempt to explain to one who has never kissed how it would feel to have this experience, they will will never truly understand until they experience it themselves.

Sure they will know the numbers and responsive areas but to actually understand how something feels it must be directly experienced.
Indeed it is more likely that the explainee will have their own experience of reading the data which will be made up of totally unique factors.

Life has the capacity to change in every facet of itself, to offer innovation and growth in ways that will never cease to amaze us.
Once something loses life it also loses the ability to create. Nothing dead ever created anything new.

Many of you who read this will be saying yes! Exactly! There are others though who seem to delude themselves that our salvation comes from that very death, from the ones and zeros.

We move forward together, we evolve together and die together.
No digital universe could ever evolve as ours does or create anything new without the help of its own creators.

We are here to learn and overcome our difficulties as best we can. Perhaps perfection was never meant to be attained in this reality other than love itself.